Monday, February 14, 2011

Lonely in Love

Its bright,beautyful Valentines Day,
Deep night still prevailing in my bay .
Love has been all the way,
I dont know why I couldn't say.
It's still shining like a ray
in the darkness that I still stay.........

Was it an illusion that held me?
I am in confusion has it left me....
why heart is still heavy?
when no one exist in  my savvy..
is it possible to wipe out love?
when you come to know you cant have...

Day & night she comes in my sight,
me & my heart always fight
to get rid of her & get things right...

Heart is burning as I am learning
to make a move from the groove of my heart
to thrash Love far apart....

I am left alone with my heart
need to make it firm & hard
to prove that I am not incomplete without Love
but Love is incomplete without Me..............

Written By : Sudhir

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic Day

Republic: state in which supreme power is held by people or their elected representives .... power of India is in its unity and its not displayed by political leaders but that power is still held by people who believes Humanity as their religion.
The above pic was the best moment of 2010 ... it was fortunate that  ramzaan and Ganesh chathrthi festivals made their presence on the same day... and I was delighted to see the pics in which mansoor leaving his festival preparation was carriying a ganesh Idol to present to his friend  and another muslim lady accompanied  her hindu friend to buy ganesh Idol .... this was published in eenaadu paper and It was so inspiring that I cut those pics and preserved with me... I appreciate news papers for promoting such spirits through their media... and I felt I should post them on my blog so I choosed  republic day  to dedicate them.

I salute them and I believe India is still respected because of such a spirit of humanity displayed by true Indians like mansoor .
Happy Republic Day to all INDIANS