Saturday, January 2, 2010

Depth of my Heart

Depth of my heart

I dream of you every day & night
and feel of you from the bottom of my heart
You are the one who is stealing life
from me and dragging me towards you.
Your cool eyes and innocent heart
With little smile on your lips
Making you more beautiful
Like a breezy drop of snow on petals of rose.

Whenever a ray of your beauty shines,
May be far away from me it simply
Hides underneath my eyelids
And shows the beauty of love.

Whenever wind blows towards you
And your hairs flow onto your face
They bring dark shades on your illuminating beauty
Like dark clouds shades moon in night
And gives me feel of pain with emotions.

Whenever you pass by me
Blossoms of your fragrance just along
With my breath enter in my heart
And raise my heart beat with excitement
Giving me joy of life.

These are only few words to describe your beauty
But simply there are no words to describe your nature.
I want you to step your feet in my life and want your next step
Straight in my heart.
Making life cool with your breezy looks,
Turning life colourful with your pearly smile,
 giving  warmth  with your affection and emotions.
and  make me lucky like stars close to moon in the sky.

Written by:-Sudhir


  1. Really fentastic. I may not know how much you feel to write it down,but I know how much pain you got from heart to express your emotions. This for you......
    When you think of pain just think of me that I feel I am sharing your pain ,and it reduces your pain too.When you think of some reliefe just think of me that i feel like your friend and makes you feel better.To be having a friend is not a great thing in the world but to be having a friend who can understand our tears before coming out,who can feel our pain before we get it is really makes us flying like a bird and feels much better.
    Be my best Intelligent friend untill I leave this world

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  3. Thanks krishnaveni for your comment on my blog.... It really gave some meaning to my poetry....